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Richard Mazelier, drawn to the knife

The son, grandson and great-grandson of knife makers, Richard Mazelier, despite his hard-tempered Thiers pedigree, was the first in his family to break the cutler’s mold.

Richard Mazelier, lanceur de couteaux

He moved to Paris, like so many of his Auvergne countrymen before him, and did what so many of them came to do: he opened a restaurant. Actually five, in his case. His first incarnation was the life of the brasserie, where the only knives he handled were the ones on the tables. And the ones for chopping the tartare. But it seems that everyone from Thiers has a bit of the knife maker deep in his soul. An inborn urge that can rise to the surface and turn even the best-settled life on edge.

Thus it happened that Richard Mazelier, aged 37 but with the face of an eternal teenager, surrendered the management of his bistro business in order to focus on a project dear to his heart: exalting the memory of his grandfather in a brand bearing his name, devoted to intrinsically high-end, authentically French cutlery. With, of course, a contemporary twist to raise it from the commonplace. An atypical, carefully thought-out functionality to meet the new demands of the kitchen. Nothing could be simpler on paper, but in action the exercise proved much more complex. Born of a spirit of pure creativity in cooperation with his designer friend Cédric Ragot, Richard’s ground-breaking, forward-thinking first collection is indissociable from the launch of his brand.

Henri Mazelier. A unique osmosis to forge the heritage of a très French tradition, at once ancestral and familial. For two years, the young Mazelier put all of his energy into bringing Henri Mazelier to life. In the course of countless trips to Thiers, he won the confidence of the preeminent manufacturers in the discipline, suppliers of elite state corps and prestigious homeware houses alike. In addition to fine-tuning the industrial methodology, conceiving and overseeing every step in the process, Richard Mazelier also put in the time needed to flesh out the identity of his brand. Ever true to his family heritage, he mapped out every minute detail, assisted by advice from his father, whose wisdom and experience proved invaluable. Design, sourcing, graphics, transport, market research, consulting… Nothing and no one was neglected, in particular his close friends, many of whom lent a hand to a man who has a knack for making friends in all the right places.

In Paris, Richard Mazelier gets around by motor scooter, his eyes on the road but his head in an ultra-chic helmet. The attention he pays to the accessories and accoutrements that accompany him wherever he goes offers visible evidence of his tastes and predilections. With Henri Mazelier, in addition to realizing a dream, Richard has carved out a new niche for himself. The Mazelier heritage is preserved, uniting in a single impetus the guiding principles of knife making: quality, creativity, dynamism and family tradition. With this strikingly original debut collection, an all-new take on the craft, he has in a sense come home. Drawn to the knife, in his own way, but in keeping with the first commandment of cutlery: thou shalt not cut bread in the same way as fish.