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Also designed and developed by Cédric Ragot, this is a knife like none other. Subtly Asian, nearly Samurai-like in its inspiration, its enclosed, encased form catches the eye. Is it a pen? A fan?

With its protective sheath-cap, Le Katana repudiates and reinvents the conventional concept of cutlery. Spare and elegant, it initiates a new ritual with both masculine authority and feminine grace, nearly like a vanity knife. On the dining table, with its blade revealed, the magnetized sheath serves as a knife rest. Other rooms, other uses: on a desk, it takes on the guise of letter opener. Le Katana is versatile, a valued personal accessory whose beauty and utility can be admired singly, in a pair or a set of six.

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  • Pédigrée : Aveyron
  • Lame : acier Z50 poli miroir, garantie 5 ans
  • Corps : (manche et capuchon) en Acrystex teinté
  • Coloris : noir mat
  • Poids / Dimensions : 82 g / 235 mm
  • Prix de vente : 115 € l’unité, 399 € les quatre, 599 € les six