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Recalling the artistry of the handforged Japanese sword, taut and trenchant as the prow of an icebreaker, the Tsuba knife lends its functional presence to the table, forming an enigmatic point of impact.

A perfect fit for the fingers, silken to the touch, the Tsuba also stands out for the creative handling of its handles, in Corian the color of rice, sage or tonka bean. The very essence of the essential knife.

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  • Pédigrée : Japon
  • Lame : acier Z50 poli mat, garantie 5 ans
  • Coloris : riz / tonka
  • Poids / Dimensions : 80 g / 230 mm
  • Prix de vente : 85 € l’unité, 305 € les quatre, 435 € les six