Grand couteau à fromage


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With its distinctive form, a “recentered” version of the Aveyron-style knife, the Grand Couteau à Fromage is an original, ultra-contemporary knife conceived to switch with ease from the pantry to the dining table, making the preparation and sharing of food an even greater pleasure.

Its dimensions have been calculated to slice decisively into large hard-rind cheeses like Gruyeres and Stiltons, as well as softer large cheeses like Bries and Roqueforts.

Its magnetic base, which gives it heft and balance, is designed to anchor the knife to a PaperStone platter, also designed by Cédric Ragot.


  • Pédigrée : Aveyron
  • Lame : acier Z50 poli miroir, garantie 5 ans
  • Manche : Acrystex
  • Coloris : noir / noir mat
  • Planche : PaperStone noir
  • Poids / Dimensions : 160 g / 301 mm – 430 x 330 mm (planche)
  • Prix de vente : 399 € l’ensemble