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An alchemy of man and machine

The centuries-old industrial zone of Thiers has expanded over the years, tapping the hydraulic power of the Durolle River to reach beyond the city limits. Modernized, robotized, the town’s famous knife-making activity has taken on a new face, remaining a worldwide reference. Within this hotbed of creativity and productivity, Henri Mazelier has carved out a distinctive niche with an ambitious, unprecedented approach.

The house’s production process is entirely automated, taking each knife from step to step with 100% control to guarantee a flawless finished product.

Top-quality nitrogen laser cutting and thermal treatment installations optimize the production of the stainless steel blades while increasing their resistance to corrosion.

From the mold to the milled blade, every detail is finely honed.

All Henri Mazelier knives are produced in Thiers using a process that combines the technical prowess of sophisticated, new-generation equipment with the virtuosity of hand assembly. This synergy results in one-of-a-kind knives of perfect quality and with impeccable finishing, bringing the original design to fruition with no need for modifications.

For Henri Mazelier, this new approach to the production of premium cutlery came as a natural choice. The result: an incisive alchemy of creativity and 21 century industrial methods.